8:15 Welcoming the participants

8:50 Opening of the days by the organizers, Guy Reumont director of Polytech Lille, Lionel Montagne VP I-Site et projets structurants of Lille University, directors of LAI LIAAN and Samba

9:15 Marie-Laure Métayer, General inspector of veterinary public health and assistant to the director at the water and biodiversity department at the French Ministry of the Ecological Transition, “Protecting and managing ecosystems to protect human health: challenges and means for action”

9:55 Gilles Salvat, Managing general director research & reference division, ANSES, “One Health: deciphering the close links between human and animal health” 

10:35 Coffee break

Environnemental Health : Impact of environmental microbiota and ecological imbalance on the quality of soils, waters, and cultivable lands

Chairpersons: Anca Lucau-Danila and Christophe Flahaut

11:10 Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture at INRAe, “Protecting crops and protecting environment: challenges and options for a sustainable future”

11:50 Sébastien Lemière, “First results of the French research project TEPoT - Assessment of toxicological and ecotoxicological effects of phytopharmaceutical products used on potato crops”

12:15: Lunch

13:30: Poster session 

Plant Health : Impacts of microbes & natural substances on plant growth, development & health 

Chairpersons: Ali Siah and Jean-Louis Hilbert

14:30 Philippe Reignault, Director of the laboratory of plant health and director of plant health at ANSES, “Time for plant health to join One Health”

15:10 Rémi Platel, “Efficacy and modes of action of microbial-based biocontrol compounds on wheat towards Zymoseptoria tritici

15:30 Elodie Choque, “Preliminary Study: Vine Hairy Roots and Endemic Black Aspergilli co-culture – the key for a promising antioxidant extract?”

15:50 Muriel Billamboz, “Design and evaluation of innovative biosourced crop protection compounds following a “One-Health” integrative approach”

16:10 Coffee break

16:40 Marwa Roumani, “Phenolamides a family of specialized metabolites with defense role in plants. Example of Tomato plant”

17:00 Yannis Maillot, “Comparative study of the phenotype and the secondary metabolism of flax (Linum usitatissimum) after infection by Fusarium oxysporum

17:20 Alice Rochex, “Biocontrol of fungal plant disease using bacterial culture extracts.”

17:40 Poster session

18:00 Wine & cheese


8:30 Welcoming the participants

Animal Health :  Impact of nutrients, pre or probiotic foods on animal health

Chairpersons: Françoise Coucheney and Georges Daube

9:00 Nadia Everaert, Professor at KU Leuven, specialist in the intestinal health of production animals, “One Health from an animal perspective”

9:40 Nassim Moula, “First analysis of the fecal microbiota of the Barbary macaque (Macaca Sylvanus) reveales differences between a wild group and a tourism-provisioned group in the region of Bejaia, North East of Algeria“

10:00 Sandy Theysgeur, “New bioactive peptides from fish co-product hydrolysate exerting effects on DPP-IV activity and intestinal hormones regulations after canine gastrointestinal simulated digestion”

10:20 Coffee break

10:50 Cédric Le Bris, “Abundance and spatial patterns over time of Vibrionaceae and Vibrio harveyi in water and biofilm from a seabass aquaculture facility”

11:10 Djamel Drider, “Protective effects of novel Lactobacillaceae against Clostridium perfringens infections”

11:30 Rozenn Ravallec, “Development of in vitro acellular and cellular tests to support the scientific evidence for animal and human health claims”

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Poster session

15:00 Visit of the Louis Pasteur Museum - Departure by metro from Polytech

19:30 Gala dinner in Lille (Hermitage Gantois)


9:00 Welcoming the participants

Human Health :  Impact of nutrients, foods, pre- & probiotics on human health & in particular on chronic pathologies

Chairpersons: Benoit Cudennec, Djamel Drider and Céline Rivière

9:30 Luís Augusto Nero, Professor at the University of Viçosa (Brazil), vice president of the Brazilian Society of Microbiology and co-director of the LAI Samba, “Antibiotic resistance in the food production chain: insights and considerations”

10:10 Léa Chantal Tran, “Effect of neonatal lactoferrin supplementation on intestinal maturation and gut health: an experimental study in a mouse model of postnatal growth restriction”

10:30 Malak Al Ibrahim, “Exploration of the antiviral activity of halophytes and salt tolerant plant species in the North of France against human coronaviruses”

10:50 Coffee break 

11:20 Asma Hakem, In vitro transport of juncusol isolated from Juncus inflexus across intestinal Caco-2-HT29-MTX cells monolayer”

11:40 Anca Lucau-Danila, “Chicory: understanding the effects and effectors of this functional food”

12:00 Closing session & poster awards

13:00 Lunch bag